Sunday, October 14, 2012

got leaves?

Who: Oregon Middle School 8th grade students
What: Leaf Raking Community Service Project
When: Friday, November 2nd
Where: Village of Oregon

Why: To provide a community service, develop connections, and
raise funds for a Chicago field trip.

How Much: FREE! The students will rake your yard at no cost to

Here’s what you need to know:
We will be raking yards for senior citizens in Oregon on Friday,
November 2nd. This event will take place Friday morning before
lunch, and we are looking for volunteers to have their yard raked.
Volunteers do not need to be home that morning.

How to get involved:
You can:
- Contact Anne Stone at the Oregon Senior Center
- Contact Jodi Carlson ( or Time Paneitz
( for more information
Complete the information sheet and return to either the Senior Center
or the Middle School.

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