Tuesday, June 12, 2012

July Happenings...

Silent Movie and Live Music
On Friday, July 27th @ 10:00 AM, we will be going back in time to the silent movie era.  Oregon residents Laurie Riss and Jeanne Felix will be providing live background music to the showing of a Buster Keaton silent movie, “The Haunted House.”  Released in 1921, “The Haunted House” tells a story of Buster, on the run, hiding in an abandoned house where a visiting opera company of “Faust” also seeks refuge.  The film’s great moment is a dream sequence in which Buster dreams he is an angel ascending from Heaven.  At Saint Peter’s gate he is rejected, and slides down a chute to Hell where he discovers that he has been expected. Laurie and Jeanne have carefully selected music from their repertoire to create the mood and support the action in “The Haunted House.”  Laurie Riss has been a member of the Madison Symphony Orchestra and private cello teacher for 21 years.  She is a substitute teacher in the Oregon area schools and is a member of “Ladies Must Swing,” an all female swing band.  Jeanne Felix has been a private piano teacher for over 23 years.  She has worked in the Adult Day Program of the Oregon Area Senior Center, doing music and other activity therapies.  She ahs been a church choir director for 27 years. Laurie and Jeanne will provide a history on Buster Keaton and his movie-making prior to the showing of “The Haunted House.”

Ice Cream Social on Thursday, July 12th
Mmmmm...nothing beats a good barbeque sandwich or hot dog and an ice cream sundae for dessert on a summer evening...and you can’t beat the price—just $2.50 for a barbeque sandwich including chips or $2.00 for a hot dog also including chips.  Coffee or soda is 50 cents.  Ice cream sundaes are $2.50 with your choice of toppings; strawberries, M & M’s, peanuts, caramel or chocolate syrup!  Enjoy live entertainment by Back 40 (with Dave Freitag and Heather Newton) from 5:00– 7:00 PM. 

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